The INDUCONTROL system is the complete solution for real-time process monitoring and traceability, specifically designed for induction heat treatment equipment.

INDUCONTROL is a quality system that verifies the process repetition and it is designed for the production traceability. One of the most important features of quality control is in fact the possibility to track parts.

The INDUCONTROL system is an extremely flexible tool: different HW configurations, additional packages and SW customization can be combined together to extend the core capabilities and fulfill your requirements.


The most advanced system for induction monitoring

This system is a key element to prevent faults.

The new XRATEPLC is a smart board specifically designed by Saet Emmedi for data acquisition and connected to machine fieldbus.

It acquires any signal through optical fiber connection, and it is integrated with the automation field bus. It is a flexible system that can monitor a full range of different processes.

The most advanced system for induction monitoring

The most advanced system for induction monitoring

As a versatile and flexible system, Inducontrol has additional packages that can be combined together to extend the core capabilities and fulfill customers’ requirements.

Inducontrol Monitor concept - how it works

New part set up

A process recipe (powers, times, shower, mechanical positioning, …) is defined to reach the required specifications for a new part with tests and benchmarks.

Reference acquisition

A part is produced as reference acquisition of the process key parameters; different tolerances and alert thresholds can be defined for each monitored parameter.

Process monitoring

INDUCONTROL monitors in real-time all the values during the machine production rising alerts or alarms for parts not fitting the reference. All the data and results are stored for each monitored part for tracking.

Inducontrol Monitor

Inducontrol Monitor

The core tool is a bundle of the XRATEPLC board and the Inducontrol Monitor software

  • Up to 5000 samples per channel, visualized and recorded in real-time.
  • Up to 64 acquisition input channels with expansion possibilities.
  • Input channels can be grouped according to machine and process.
  • It can acquire, manage and track any kind of inputs (power, voltage, flow rate, temperatures, position, ...)
  • Compatible with multiple PLC supplier and fieldbus (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, ...)
  • It supports alphanumeric serial number (QR code, DMC, Barcode, ...)

Inducontrol View - Add on to Inducontrol Monitor

It is the tool for the visualization and the data analysis of the Inducontrol Monitor stored data.

  • All the historical values can be displayed for quality tracking and SPC
  • Different search criteria: serial numbers, time range, recipes and results
  • It can be installed on any Win10 PC for offline data analysis
  • Different visualizations: production trends, single part, statistics
  • Optional data export to file for further storage and analysis
  • Fault tracking, production rates and trends
Inducontrol Exchange - Add on to Inducontrol Monitor

Inducontrol Exchange - Add on to Inducontrol Monitor

It is the connection tool for the customer quality data management system (SPC tools, SCADA, MES …)
  • It exports any kind of process data
  • It imports and exports production references and tolerances from different customer plants or machines
  • Data available for customization:
    • date and time
    • serial number
    • recipe name
    • value from the automation
    • piece result, within the tolerance boundaries
    • fixed value
  • For each single parameter you can specify:
    • the mean of the absolute difference for each point between the measure and its reference value maximum or minimum
    • a specific acquired value

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