Aftermarket and Support Services

Saet Emmedi has an international network of service centers strategically located to provide prompt response. Special services are available to ensure you have tailor-made solutions that meet your requirements.

Saet Emmedi has an international network of service centers strategically located to provide prompt response. Special services are available to ensure you have tailor-made solutions that meet your requirements.

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Spare Parts and Repairs
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Aftermarket and Support Services

Our goal is to continuously improve your induction system

SAET EMMEDI is committed to your needs by providing service, parts, repairs and equipment solutions, regardless of the original manufacturer. We serve the world’s metal and heat processes industries at the highest standard. SAET EMMEDI has an international network of service centers strategically located to provide prompt response. Special services are available to ensure you have tailor-made solutions that meet your requirements.

Helpdesk & Teleassistance

Our help desk team is available for a prompt response to guide customers over the phone or through remote control. We can organize urgent spare parts delivery and on-site visits. Special services are also available to ensure you have tailor-made solutions to serve your needs. Our technical staff provide helpful troubleshooting expertise to all customers. The remote system allows our engineers to communicate with SAET systems through modem or wireless network. This technology provides real time analysis of equipment located at our customer’s facilities. Technicians can control the process to apply proper adjustment according to production requirements. Telephone service helps the user get back into production, often without the need for field service assistance. Whenever field service is required, we will dispatch one of our district service engineers to quickly get your system up and running again.

Technical Assistance on Site

The Worldwide network of service centers and experienced service teams are ready to provide immediate response to customers wherever they are located.

Hardware & Software Products Upgrade

SAET EMMEDI engineers and designers will evaluate the operating condition and process capability of your equipment. We can propose rebuilding or upgrading the process or machinery. SAET EMMEDI can assist customers with a detailed analysis to manage the entire retrofit including the installation and start up at your site.

Maintenance Contract

Risk of Induction System downtime can be dramatically reduced by implementing a proper maintenance program. SAET preventative maintenance procedures are customized according to each specific power unit and control system.

Field Modification & Equipment Retrofit

We are committed to the continuous improvement of your induction system reliability. During field visits, our engineers evaluate the operating conditions of the machine and diagnose the cause of equipment failure. Once the root cause has been identified, our engineers make recommendations for system improvements.

Training Courses

Training Courses

Our professional instructors guide participants through performance and care of induction equipment in classes that can be provided at any of our international service centers or at your facility.The courses are tailored to suit the customer’s training requirements. Topics range from sessions dedicated to the understanding of operation of the converter to seminars focused on management, analysis and resolution of technical issues.

Spare Parts

SAET EMMEDI offers an extensive computerized inventory of replacement parts for your induction heating systems regardless of its original manufacturer, type or application. Our commitment to support all customers with Induction systems goes well beyond being simply a supplier of parts and components, we ensure that you receive the best technical support to operate your system. SAET EMMEDI is available to handle your part emergencies any time of the day and any day of the week.



We have developed the special expertise to design, build and repair any size, shape or form of coil used for hardening, annealing, tempering and heat treating or heating processes. State of the art machine tools, materials and skilled craftsmen all work together to provide the best coil repair and design enhancement services available in the industry today.

Coils and tooling for all types of induction heat treating applications are processed regularly:

  • Quick disconnect coil adapters and water cooled bus can be supplied to suit your existing equipment.
  • Coil laminations and other flux concentrator material scan be designed and fabricated for your specific application.
  • Quench chambers, rings and blocks are all repaired and or replaced as necessary.

After an inductor has been rebuilt or manufactured, we can offer a variety of sophisticated “coil shot” counting alternatives to facilitate tracking of inductor life.

Connectivity and Remote Production Management

Induction equipment are no longer stand-alone machines. Fully integrated within the Industry 4.0, SAET converters dialogue with the plant network, send signals to Control Rooms where the whole production can be monitored, and from which they receive instructions regarding setup and quality sampling. This is made possible by CMS 4.0, a smart connection device making information about production, alarms, maintenance and quality available on a touch panel, on the Machine HMI screen, and above all on any device with a Web Browser, in a safe and controlled way.

Preventive Predictive Maintenance Software

Preventive Predictive Maintenance Software

The competition in modern manufacturing is based on quality and productivity – SAET modules for PPM support the operators in the maintenance tasks, track the history of the activities, suggest interventions based on carefully trimmed algorithms, increasing machine availability and reducing the overall maintenance costs. Easy, non-invasive and fully customizable, PPM modules are the cornerstone of today’s machine maintenance.

Augmented Reality Aided Maintenance

A breakthrough in knowledge sharing with the use of augmented reality devices, Saet Reality is the ultimate experience of remote guidance, where on-site maintenance, troubleshooting and production restoring take place by means of an industrial tablet, connected with SAET HQ in voice and video, capable of overlay hand and tools, movements on screen, text chatting, screenshots and video recording. SAET best-in-class field service is now instantaneously available, reducing time of analysis, enhancing first-time fix ratio, leading to major savings thanks to reduced downtime.