A story of innovation

Founded in 1966 in the surroundings of Turin, SAET quickly turned to innovation to make the difference among the numerous suppliers of the car industry present around Turin in Italy and became the first induction heating company of the country, a worldwide center of excellence in induction technology and applications.

After some years, unique technical solutions and increasing range of machines allowed SAET to spread across Europe and beyond. As a technology provider SAET started a useful collaboration with some Universities, in order to develop and implement its Research and Development department.

2006 marks the real turn of SAET growth with the international expansion through acquisitions in India and in USA and build-up in China and the integration of a new product line devoted to the Tube industry. Emmedi, with over five decades of presence on the market, was incorporated in the company as a leading provider of induction solutions for the pipe and tube industry.

In 2014 SAET EMMEDI was acquired by Park Ohio Holdings Corp., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Park-Ohio trades on NASDAQ and is a leading provider of logistics services and is a manufacturer of highly engineered products. SAET EMMEDI joined the Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation group of companies that is wholly owned subsidiary of Park-Ohio Industries.

2016 marked a milestone in SAET EMMEDI history: the 50th Anniversary of SAET EMMEDI being a market leader in the induction market.

… SAET EMMEDI history continues…