In-Line Bright Annealing Equipment

The in-line bright annealing process is mainly used with AISI 300, AISI 400, duplex, superduplex and titanium pipes for various application such as petrochemical, furniture, automotive, food and beverage.



The main goal of the process is the annealing which is responsible of the decreasing of hardness. Due to the lower heating time, a partial solubilisation of chromium carbides obtained with respect to the one reached with traditional furnaces. Consequently the resistance to corrosion is increased, especially in the welded zone.

In-Line Bright Annealing Equipment

Continuous output power

100 - 600 kW

Power regulation range

0 - 100%

Frequency range

10 - 150 kHz

Voltage supply

On demand

Output Stabilization

By Thyristor Control automatic voltage regulator: ± 1% at Net variation ± 10%

Cooling Method

Water to water by Stainless Steel heat excharger

Max. industrial water temperature


Standard colour

Light grey RAL 7035

Gas Adopted

Gas adopted H2 during tube treatment; N2 for tunnel clearing and emergency H2 emptying

Recipes Management

Smart control desk (option)


  • No warm up time
  • Fast and precise process
  • Reduced floor space required
  • Automatic safety control system in case of tube bending
  • Limited gas consumption
  • In-line system
  • Easy machine set-up

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In Line Bright Annealing

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