Brass Billet Heater

Induction heating systems are widely used even in non-ferrous material industries.
For example, it is applied to brass forging for fittings and components molding.

Brass Billet Heater

Brass Forging

The starting material used in forging is presented in the form of rounded slabs, squares billet or bar materials.

After heating up the material, the forming operation is done on different types of machines: mechanical 

impact presses, hydraulic extrusion presses, etc.

The automation of forging by induction heating allows:

  •  Competitive operational costs 
  •  Labor saving
  •  High productivity
  •  Minimization of start and stop times 
  •  Easy adjustment, the billet temperature and cycle time can be continuously and automatically changed.


Uniform and constant temperature, an optical pyrometer controls the temperature of each billet to obtain:

  •  A longer life of dies
  •  A considerable reduction in flash
  •  An optimum appearance of the part surface, higher dimension accuracy of the part material saving 
  •  High safety
  •  Simple handling
  •  Reduced maintenance costs.

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