Induction Equipment for billet heating

SAET EMMEDI is a leading supplier of induction heating and forging equipment.

The great experience spanning over 50 years covers the heating of all metals in all shapes and sizes utilizing a wide range of advanced solid-state power supplies ranging from 50 Hz to 450 kHz.

SAET EMMEDI induction forging solutions can provide the optimization of customers’ floor plans and streamline of energy consumption.

The most flexible and extremely efficient technology solution for a forging line is Dynazone. It is a modular system for variable production rates.

Half bridge voltage fed inverter, series or parallel load, 6 or 12 pulse rectifier bridge, and the modular structure are the main features of the DYNAZONE (Dynamic Zone) system.

SAET EMMEDI forging system utilizes the connectivity and scalability of SAET frequency converters, which is linked to and it is compliant with Industry 4.0 trends.

The equipment can heat square parts, up to 2200kg per hour at temperatures around 1.220°C÷1.300°C

This system is featuring multiple inverters powering different sections (Zone system).

  • All coils are equal: fewer spare coils are required
  • The system can be optimized for any speed
  • Specific software adjust power levels to the required speed and guarantee a stable output temperature
  • The emptying system allows to forge up to the last part


Induction Equipment for billet heating

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