Bar Forging Partial Heating System

Partial Heating

In induction heating, heat can be directly generated in one specific point which is ideal for parts with localized heating requirements.
Coil designs can be optimized to heat a specific area with a desired thermal profile in a fast,
efficient, and repeatable way.

Partial heating machines are designed for bar end heating in forging shops (from screws to steering racks).

The machines can be configured in both manual and automatic loading system.

Bar Forging Partial Heating System

SAET reliability

SAET’s experience and know-how play an important role in recommending the right equipment to handle your heating requirements.

Properly designed induction heating equipment offers many advantages including cost savings through electrical efficiencies and dependability. 

The difference in equipment is in its reliability and the way it is applied to solve a heating problem. 

Whether your forging system demands an incremental feed, a continuous feed, or a propulsion system that keep billets separated, our group has modern units proven in the field and the technology to select and provide the best equipment for the forger’s needs. 

Our R&D department is available for heating tests and laboratory support.

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Forging with induction heating equipment

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