22 March 2023


Today is the WORLD WATER DAY

Saet Emmedi cares about the environment.

Induction heating is a green technology we use for our heating processes and our applications, and helps make a sustainable world:  it is indeed an efficient method that replaces the traditional gas furnaces, thus supporting the rising request of containing greenhouse gas emissions and gas consumption that impact on the OPEX.

We pay however vast attention to all the other environmental actions we are requested to take, among others, the correct waste disposal, careful use of energy, polluting materials and water of course.

Water is so essential to our lives that we do not think about our life without water.

We can make a difference by changing the way we use, consume, and manage water in our everyday routine.

The introduction of water dispensers in Saet Emmedi is a small action, but it is a decision that will impact on the use of plastic bottles.

In addition, the mains water is drawn, filtered and refrigerated by the automatic dispenser, thus allowing a substantial savings of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere compared to every single distribution of a plastic bottle from the automatic dispenser.

We need to be the change we want to see in the world.