Tube and Pipe Technology – May issue

Emmedi is on Tube & Pipe Technology May issue



A full range of products for the international tube and pipe industries.

For decades EMMEDI has been leading technological advancements in the tube market, designing and manufacturing induction systems, globally renowned for high reliability, easy maintenance and energy saving.

To answer the market’s new and extremely demanding requirements, the EMMEDI Welding Line has introduced the Mosweld SiC, the evolution of HFI welder with silicon carbide transistors, with various installations successfully operating for some years throughout the world.

Compared to traditional Si transistors, the SiC technology allows for higher capacity, thus reducing the quantity of devices required. An increase in reliability and electrical efficiency together with lower overall operational costs are some of the features this system can achieve.

The welder has an optimized control to limit the sensitivity to short circuits, to minimize downtime and also to protect the system. Moreover, auto-tuning for coil adjustment and intrinsic load adaptation features are implemented for easier usage. A three-axis adjusting table is integrated in the welding head and a single cabinet layout is adopted up to 1000 kW.

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EMMEDI supplies a full line of products to the tube, pipe and wire industries, and besides innovation in welding solutions, EMMEDI keeps on focusing and investing on innovative, customized heat treatment processes used for different applications. Seam annealing, Full body annealing, In-line bright annealing, PET coating, In-line bright annealing for refrigeration tubes and in-line double wall copper brazing are only examples among the many solutions that EMMEDI is able to supply to respond to market needs.


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