HF-Schweißanlagen – Mosweld

Mosweld is the ultimate solid-state power supply using MOSFET transistor technology, the highest overall enery efficiency (more than 90%) in the market allowing a decrease in production costs and an increase in reliability.



(DA TRADURRE IN GER) The reasons to elect a mosweld

MOSWELD is the solid-state power supply using MOSFET transistor technology.

HF-Schweißanlagen – Mosweld




Quick Maintenance


The circuit is a current-fed inverter (CFI) with an inductance located between the DC and the HF stage, thus the inverter is naturally protected against load short circuit. The output circuit is a parallel type: load and inverter impedances are naturally matched, then no output transformer is required and the overall efficiency increases.

Technical Info

Continuous output power

50 - 600 kW

Continuous output power

0 - 100%

Frequency range

200 - 450 kHz

Voltage supply

On demand, adaptation by means of input transformer

Output Stabilization

By Thyristor Control automatic voltage regulator

Cooling Method

Water to water by Stainless Steel heat excharger

Residual ripple

Less than 1% at power output

Standard color

Light grey RAL 7035

Max industrial water temperature



Typical layout includes a power supply cabinet containing transformer, DC inductance, SCRs bridge and auxiliary circuits and a second cabinet, the welding head, where the mosfet modules, capacitors and bus-bar are contained.

The input transformer is provided to achieve insulation from the mains and to optimize the exploitations of the Mosfet based inverter

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