Erwärmungsanlagen in Fertigungsprozess integriert

The in-line process is mainly used for various applications such as petrochemical, furniture, automotive, food and beverage

(TRADURRE IN GER) Throughout the years EMMEDI has increased competences and skills in the design and manufacture of customized solutions and is able to answer the most demanding requirements thanks to the metallurgic laboratory and expertise in mechanical handling.
EMMEDI is now taking advantage of the new synergies with Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation, one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of induction heating equipment, to offer tailored state-of-the-art solutions and worldwide sales and service assistance.

Erwärmungsanlagen in Fertigungsprozess integriert

Customized Heating Systems

Stainless steel tubes, austenitic or ferritic, require a full body heating to recover the original hardness. The in-line process is mainly used with AISI 300, AISI 400, duplex, superduplex and titanium pipes for various applications such as petrochemical, furniture, automotive, food and beverage. The pipe is heated and then cooled by means of water showers.

Continuous output power

100 - 1500 kW

Power regulation range

0 - 100%

Frequency range

1 - 20 kHz

Voltage supply

On demand

Output Stabilization

By Thyristor Control automatic voltage regulator: ± 1% at Net variation ± 10%

Cooling Method

Water to water by Stainless Steel heat excharger

Max. industrial water temperature


Standard colour

Light grey RAL 7035

Recipes Management

Smart control desk (option)

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Customized Heating System

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