Eine außergewöhnliche Tat der Solidarität

After a few months, we want to make known and highlight a positive and good event that occurred in such a difficult period as the one we experienced during the Coronavirus emergency.

A story of solidarity, among many, happened in our Company, in such a dramatic phase of our human history.

One of our world-class customers, Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde Germany GmbH, stopped the negotiation of a big order and requested SAET to make a donation to one of the Hospitals in Torino, instead of granting any further discount to the Company.

This great decision makes Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde Germany GmbH worthy of honor and deserves all our gratitude.

Solidarity goes far beyond countries, nationalities, contracts, negotiations, money.

Solidarity makes people think and behave “outside the box”.

It builds close cooperation, strong partnership, better trust.



The sum of 10,000.00 Euros was donated to the Molinette Research Foundation and contributed to the project for strengthening the Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the City of Health and Science University Hospital of Turin and so to increase the knowledge of viral biological behavior and its genetic characteristics.

Molinette Research Foundation
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Project - Bolstering of Laboratory
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La Stampa - article published on 23rd June 2020

This is the link to the article published on the Italian newspaper La Stampa on the project Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde contributed with their donation.

La Stampa - Coronavirus-alle-molinette-laboratori-piu-potenti-per-la-lotta-al-covid