The EMMEDI brand is present on the last issue of the magazines Tube and Pipe Technology and Stainless Steel Focus with the latest news.

2019 has been a very successful year for EMMEDI: it started with the completion of two highly customized in-line bright annealing systems and concluded with another important contract.

The first units, installed in USA, are characterized by improved production flexibility and by attention to energy savings, aspects becoming more and more pressing in the tube sector.

In December EMMEDI has been awarded a new contract from SANDVIK, one of the major stainless-steel manufacturers worldwide.

The supply consists of two complete bright annealing lines for coil to coil production of seamless tubes of small diameters.

Thanks to the reputation gained with traditional and consolidated bright annealing solutions, EMMEDI know-how has been entrusted with the development of a highly customized system that will innovate technical approach to stainless steel seamless tubes production.

Induction heating applied to this process reduces start-up times to a minimum and permits a power density higher than the conventional furnaces with a consequent reduction in the length of the heating section.


Both the heating inductor and the cooling section are assembled on a specific support frame, able to traverse on rails, perpendicularly to the production line, in order to clear the mill area when heat treatment is not required. The complete system (coil and cooling tunnel) are cooled by means of a closed loop demineralized water-cooling system, mounted on an independent structure.

To achieve brightness and hardness required by the annealing process, non-recycled pure hydrogen gas at a low rate is used for a perfect cleaning of tube surface in safety condition.

The outgoing hydrogen is burned to prevent gas dispersion in the environment.

Besides the achievements obtained with the bright annealing systems, several welding SiC units have been successfully installed. Quick setting up and easy management together with the highest energy saving currently feasible on the market are the most appreciated features by customers choosing our Mosweld SiC.


Editorial on Stainless Steel Focus Magazine 03/20
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