Working at SAET, the world leader in thermal processing technology, is an “every day adventure”: there is neither process nor department that has a routine pace.
The manufacturing of special, tailor-made machines leads us to a great flexibility of ideas, methods, solutions, and it is subject to continuous innovation.
Moreover it drives employees to build strong relationships and to interact with each other and with customers in a tight international and intercultural context.
The pursuit of excellence, the determination to identify cutting-edge technologies and test new solutions, the continuous relation with the most important companies at a global level, together with challenging projects and competitive partners will become your "ordinary" and allow you to a steady increase in technical and managerial skills.

Are you searching for an interesting and really formative internship?
If you…

  • Have a master degree in Engineering
  • Speak a good English
  • Are confident with Office tools
  • Are moved by curiosity, passion, motivation to learn and have a team working attitude
      … send your resume to

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