Job description
The position of the senior mechanical assembler is part of Manufacturing Dept. and reports to Production Manager. He collaborates both with the employees and the suppliers’ companies for the assembly activities and the mechanical set-up.

Main activities and responsibilities
The person has the responsibility of the correct positioning of the machine according to the planned layout whether during pre-acceptance assembly or commissioning and start up at Customer’s plant. He works closely with the colleagues of electric and hydraulic assembly and he carries out all the necessary mechanical activities, guaranteeing the mechanical set-up of the machines in production and the maintenance of the equipment.

Required profile
A technical qualification is required, preferably a mechanical or mechatronic qualification and a good knowledge of English Language. The candidate has at least 5 years experience in similar position and he’s used/available to make job travels both in Italy and abroad.He completes his profile with a strong operational independence, problem solving ability, attitude toward method and precision, strong results orientation and team working ability.

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