NEW EMMEDI MosWeld Silicon Carbide (SiC) HFI welder, displayed publicly for the first time and sold from FABTECH show display in Chicago 2017.

This new welder will be installed in the midwest USA early December and it will forever change the face of HFI welding technology.

Using high current capable SiC (Silicon Carbide) transistor technology, the EMMEDI MosWeld SiC system delivers the same frequencies as former Mosfet units. But here is the kicker, per 100 KW of power, SiC Mosfet’s only require four semiconductors versus 36 of the traditional Mosfet transistors. For example; this 500 kW MosWeld SiC unit has 16 Mosfet’s versus 180 Mosfet’s required of traditional solid-state Mosfet HFI welders. An SiC Mosfet transistor frequency rating is 150 – 500 kHz, which is the ideal frequency for most HFI welding applications. IGBT transistors carry more current than traditional Mosfet’s, but are typically rated at 150 kHz maximum, which is on the lower end of the ideal frequency range for most HFI welding applications.

The new EMMEDI MosWeld SiC is the first HFI welder to deliver the ideal HFI welding frequency range with high current transistors.

Others have adapted sophisticated competitive scheming but fall short of what we now deliver with the NEW EMMEDI MosWeld SiC HFI Welder.

Download the PDF brochure

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